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13 Aug 2017

8 Ball Pool is one of the sought after game, played for its simple techniques and usage of skill to get more points. The game is played with a few balls, which are 16 balls in all. The game is easy to play but aim accuracy is a bit difficult to get. The game can be played both offline, as well as online. The game can be played for free on all the mobile phones such as Android and iOS as well as on the web. Mastering the game does not involve force but more of skill and target. Success comes to the patient and the skilled player.

 Simple Tips

The game requires a lot of practice. There are various spots of play such as London, Sydney, Vegas and Moscow. Of these, if you are a beginner, you can pay at the London Pub. The entry fee is kept at the minimum, so that everyone can pay and enter the game. When you win games, you get enough coins to collect into your account. As the entry is cheap here, you can practice various shots at the London Pub and gain more experience. The game requires a lot of patience as it has to be played slowly and with accuracy. Be patient when you take a shot. Be well planned when you select your ball. Plan your moves in advance, so that you can predict what your shot will do. It is not necessary to fire off at the balls that are closer to the pocket as they may look as easy targets but the impact on the layout on the table may be adverse.

 Collecting Coins

Coins are the rewards that the player gets as he wins games. As you win, you keep collecting coins. With sufficient coins, your levels will increase and you can enter lobbies where competition is tougher and victory is more rewarding. Managing the coins properly is a wise lesson that is learnt through the game. Other than the entry fee, coins are spent on buying cues. Players are tempted to try various cues that come in different colors and abilities. It is advisable to stick to having one cue. This cue should be affordable and one that you feel comfortable to play with. Unless you know to manage your coins you cannot amass them. However with best tips and guides for the game, you can win any quantity of coins for free and you can then use it to buy lavishly at the game and spend it in any way of your choice.

 Do not bow down to your opponent early in the game. This is especially for the new players who feel that the opponent is better at the game. Even if the opponent wipes out almost all the balls, there is still hope for a win. Try all your tricky shots early in the game. When you aim your cue, do not feel that power is greater than aim. Even a gently push will do wonders and put the balls in the pockets.



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